09 April, 2017

Anecdote-Wilma Rudolph

Days are getting longer for me these days as I am getting more time for myself unlike before, so have increased my reading which inspired me to pen down some wonderful stories or experience which I read or experienced .This is the story of Wilma Rudolp who inspite of all her troubles overcomes with her hard work and perseverance.A real life superwomen!

Wilma Rudolph was a tiny premature baby, who caught pneumonia, then scarlet fever and finally polio. The polio left one leg badly crippled, with her foot twisted inward. Until the age of eleven, Wilma hobbled around on metal braces. Then she asked her sister to keep watch while she practiced walking without the braces. She kept this up everyday, afraid that her parents might discover what she was doing and she might be compelled to stop. Eventually feeling guilty she told her doctor, who was flabbergasted. However, he gave her permission to continue, but only for the short period of time.

To make the long story short, Wilma worked away until eventually threw away her crutches for good. She progressed to running, and by the time she was sixteen she won a bronze medal in a relay race in the Melbourne Olympics. Four years later, in the Rome Olympics, she became the first woman in history to win three gold medals in track and field.

She returned to U.S.A., had a meeting with President Kennedy, and received the Sullivan Awards as the nation's top amateur athlete.

When I read her story I was wondering how often we give up in life. We tend to give up too fast and too easily. We are not born leaders, born orators, born scientists, or born whatever! But in every human there is tremendous potential. It is up to to each one of us to discover this potential and use it for our own benefit and for the benefit of others. How true it is that genius is 99% perspiration.


  1. An enthusing story which everybody can emulate!

  2. Good one Anu. Now that i know you have a blog, will read all the posts :) thanks for the introduction

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