10 July, 2012

Gokal Gaay

Remember this name somewhere deep down in our minds.

Yes, this is that special beautiful creature of God, which is seen only during monsoon season and it makes its appearance when the first rains have fallen.

As a kid,on my way back to home from school, those were the days when I used to stay near school in sector 8 for almost 3 years, it was just 10 min walking distance way back to home,I had this habit of collecting  Gokal gaay and running and catching butterflies near the bushes ,those light green colour ones, they were found in plenty.

And during school hours,when we had P.T period , I am sure everyone remember this period the most, the best period when we get free time to play with friends and enjoy but sometimes i used to complete my pending home work during those period hahaha,ok jokes apart I used to collect this Gokal gaay and keep it in my pencil  box and now I feel pity for it  thinking why I used to do that.

Now this Gokal gaay, which I used to call it as Lal gaay,the most attractive part of this small little creature is its velvety outer skin,it has a very soft body and I loved to keep touching it now and then,and as soon as we touch it,it will take inside all its legs and stop moving,and when we become still,it start moving again.

Today when I went for my morning walk, most of the time while waking my eyes was on search of this beautiful lal gaay,but couldn’t find one!

And I was wondering where are you come onnn….come out…where are you hiding from me?

It will always remain as one of my beautiful childhood memories.


  1. Ys….I remember lal gaay…I too used to collect….when it crawls in the palm….it tickles….

  2. hahaah..ya..it tickles too.....and i know how u dance when someone ticles you hahaha.....