24 May, 2013

She is indeed Beautiful!

While watching a show in discovery, i got to know about Lizzie Velasquez who has a condition that is so rare that only two other people are known to have it.I was amazed to listen to her speech and how she was called worlds ugliest women.(Search worlds ugliest women and you will see her photo)

Her's is a Catholic family and she has spoken out in terms of her belief " God has blessed me with the greatest blessing of my life, which is my syndrome".

She is one of the rocking girl,and of course one of the most beautiful Girl i have ever known!

I suggest all to go and see the link below,and ya please don't forget to watch the video till the end as her middle-ending speech is very inspiring. Don't miss that!

Lesson I Learnt: No matter what the situation is but with Christ everyone Rocks! What Say? 

Keep Rocking !

17 May, 2013

Does God fulfills your forgotten dreams?

There was a time when i wanted to make my career in human resource as i always loved to connect with people,well, doesn't it sound cool taking interviews,making appointment letter,giving salary,doing induction, training employees. This was always my dream job.

Well, after knowing Christ i completely lost all my interest in career, stopped trying for h.r. and making money was never my criteria and was enjoying the job i was in.(JOY COMES FROM GOD NOT BY JOB OR POSITIONS).Then came the peer pressure from my mom of changing job and for the good salary package and i was least interested for both.I was satisfied with simple living and simple job.I never realized that my father(My cuty DADU) was planning for my career as by the pressure of my mother i started praying for the job in Gandhinagar itself with a reasonable package.

Well, to my surprise i was searching for admin but got selected for H.R. that was cherry on cake! I realized God's love for his children and came to know that how beautifully he cares for his children,and when i lost all my interest in h.r. that was the time i got into it and God gave me back my interest too.


Lesson : Even if we don't work for our goodness HE never gets tired doing good for us and as a perfect Father always makes us SMILE!