23 August, 2012

Few of my tips to have a happy life

Spend time with God: Daily after getting up first thank God for all the good things he gave us and for giving new fresh day to live, and make sure you give an hour at least to Him fully dedicated to him alone from where you will get the strength to spend the rest of the day cheerfully.

Do some time daily refreshment work: Like walking it will renew your mind with nature, listening to bird song, feel the cold morning breeze, it will make you feel a lot fresh.

Household cores: Do some household work like cooking or cleaning work so that you may feel you have helped your parents and you will end up feeling blessed too and also its helpful for future life ahead wow.

Office: Go to office greet with smile who come across you,have a positive relations with all, most importantly pray for all those,with whom who you are going to work with and God will take care of the relationship and work too.Be cheerful in whatever work doing and work will be fun and you will feel no more like work and you will look forward to go to your work place.

Spend time with friends: If possible daily meet friend for an half an hour it will definitely make you relax and cheer you up, have fun with them, crack jokes, share life, pull legs and laugh loud,this will create memories.Ya most importantly if not daily at least once in a week.

Do things what you love: Do thing which you love to do and make sure you do it daily,if it is reading then spend some time reading,if you love cooking  then make a new recipe or make something for parents and give them surprise,if you like writing then write your thought like you can do blogging.

Watch Cartoons: Yeah!this is something everyone don’t like to do,but yes watching cartoons will make you feel light,I would suggest to watch comedy cartoon so that it will bring smile to your face and also watching cartoons many things we can learn too like living life freely if some have forgotten that then.Avoid violent cartoons as it might end up with a fight at home, so i would say to avoid all violent cartoon like where fights are there,this may influence our life too,but light hearted shows we can see and have a hearty laugh.

Spend time in hobbies:Like gardening,capturing photos if you love photography or if you are interested in craft work or drawing you can do that.,if reading and collecting knowledge brings you happiness then do that,it will definitely make you sharper day by day.Hobbies will surely make you feel good enthusiast.

 Sleep Well:Make sure you have good sleep of at least 8 hours daily that will make your mind work fully for the next day,so sleep in time and have a refreshed next day.

 Eat Well: Make sure you eat well too,no dieting required, exercise will definitely help to keep us healthy and in shape.Good food is required for an energetic life,or you will end up looking like a dead person and yes so much energy is  required to have fun in life so eat as much is required.

 A day Out:A day out with friends once in a week if week not possible once in a month is must.Have fun full with them and this will give a lifelong memories.

Spend time with family: Spend time with family and if possible share everything to parents, have fun with them ,daily laugh at home cracking jokes or pulling their legs with love but make sure not to hurt them by mistake also.Share all your fears to them and share your heart as they are more experienced they will guide us right if we going wrong somewhere.

Please note in whatever you do, constantly be in touch with God,my Dadu(my love name for God) ask his constant support and love while doing all things and in all the daily fun,have fun with him the most. God is love and am sure he loves fun too..!

Smile………………………………………..please am taking your photo………………wow you look good but I look best hahaha….


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