09 January, 2013

My discovered thoughts!

  • Person who can forgive easily has known Christ in its true sense.  

  • Pride is the worst sin that can spoil your relationship with God very badly.

  • The people who approach to talk upfrontly with love to others are stronger people inside than others.

  • Cursing is not the art of children of God!(If you believe in  cursing you still need to know Christ)

  • Nobody can know God fully, humans out of pride can think they know God completely , God is too vast and mighty and great to be known completely by one! 

  • If you can forgive a person every time the person do wrong then its love!

  • One cannot love anyone truly unless the person’s heart is full of God’s love!
 That’s all for this time,will come up with few more next time!Love and blessings! Don't forget to enjoy life…!

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