20 November, 2012

Card making-New Hobby

When I was a child, I had this habit of making cards painting and putting on my house walls, but it didn’t lasted long, but now that same excitement of painting and making cards has renewed in me and I started enjoying making card,so when I got a chance to show my love to a very dear father, Father Mathew whom I met  recently in a retreat as I was so very touched by his nature of love towards others that I thought of making a card for him.Though it was not that good but was happy that I was able to give him one and thought of making more cards and to improve in card making.

Now this is one new hobby that will make my evenings busy…Will keep posting if I make any card bearable to look at ha ha ha 


KeEp RoCkinG......!



  1. Anu Di, you are one of Jesus Christ's most precious child. I was like "wow" when I saw the pic in which Father Mathew was holding the card that you made for him. After the retreat, I told my brother that if wants to be a good priest be a priest like Father Mathew. The grace he has, its just unbelievable. The smile, just amazing. When I just saw him in the retreat of "Living Waters", I just thought that he would be strict but when he started interacting "wow". He is just God's one of the favorite priests and loved child.If you have any of his pic, please do email me. I will just download it and keep it with me.

  2. Thank you Mathew baby...i will surely mail you the picture of father Mathew this same one..i have only this one with me... and you are also one of the most precious child of God ..wow two precious child chit chating yayaya...isnt that cool...?have a blessed day...