10 August, 2012


This word used to bring smile to my face many times,I have this special craze for going to Mela,I love the rush of variety of people there and it so beautiful to watch kids having fun,a good view to think of the past childhood days.

I don’t have a vast knowledge on Mela's history but know it a kind of festival where people gather and celebrate having games,shops where we can get eateries items and lot of entertainment is available and also its very much different from the routine park and fun worlds,here we can find variety of people and more of cute kids with their innocent heart.

Many might have heard about Kumbh ka Mela and on it there is a famous dialogue  many times used in Hindi films “'Kumbh ke mele mai beechre huwe bhai" feel like laughing right? this dialogue is used in many comic part of Hindi movies,I think because Kumbh Mela was a large gathering and because of the crowd people used to get lost too.

The thing that attracts me most in these Mela is the very big circle,merry go round,I used to simply loved to sit there during childhood days,Its been very long since I have gone to a Mela,these days it coming my my city too,before it was seen in Ahmedabad a lot,but now a days G'nagar too have such Mela's coming.

Hope my wish be soon fulfilled by attending one in near future.

Have a  Mela Mela day !!!!!

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