15 December, 2012

And i thought am the unluckiest!

As in my testimony i have mentioned that how i used to tell my friend how unlucky I am.

Now yesterday as I was watching  TV and turning the TV channel there was a show going on in Sony t.v named crime patrol,I just thought of watching it and the symptoms that person in the show was suffering was somewhat very similar to what my mom behaved.Just putting down the video of those episode down. I am still knowing about these disease slowly and am yet to know fully.

Sad part is the father in the family is so depressed by the situation that he plan to end up his own life and kill his children to save children from bad life,because he couldn’t handle his wife's abnormal behavior.

I was really shocked by the pain they went and how they couldn’t handle things and am very much glad that I have a father above who took control on me and was able to live life to its fullest and didn’t end up my life.

I wished they knew my Living God…….

Here is the link of the video, its divided into four parts so four links kept

Stay blessed!

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