24 December, 2012

Carol Singing-2012

Every year when Christmas comes one of the excitement is to go to carols singing to sing and dance from one house to another expressing our Joy of coming of our most loving Savior Jesus and to celebrate it with our fellow brothers and sister and to enjoy the Christmas season.I love to be the part of carol singing and enjoy the fellowship of everyone a lot.Few of those pic i got which i would be putting below.All Pics are not so clear but the memories connected to it is very beautiful so i don't mind putting blurred pics down!

Hope the Joy of birth of our Savior Jesus may spread not only in carols singing but also in ones real life too.

(Crib in one of the houses)

  (Dance Dance Dance)

(More Dance ha ha ha) 

 (Break Time)

(Crib in one of the houses)

 (Some more break)

 (The Reason of the Season JESUS)

Have a most beautiful Christmas ever ! Lots of LOVE

Have Fun!!!!!!!!

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