13 February, 2013

Kite Flying

Its been almost a month of finishing of Uttrayan,but I got the pictures yesterday ha ha ha so could write it today!

Well,as usual I was exited for this day since a week,not decided where to celebrate ,every year its normally celebrated at Riju bhaiya place,but this year mom was too strict to send me anywhere so finally my sweet Jensy told me to celebrate this time at my place itself.

Early morning while returning from market after purchasing some  bakery food items I found Jewel and Montrial on bicycle with kites,I just asked them where are you going,I had informed Motrial but Jewel was a surprise, he is my naughtiest catechism student, my God! and they were coming to my place and was searching my home!!!!! My Whole day is goanna spend by getting teased…yaiee! I cannot say him naughtiest well there another named Austin who put green stick insect on me last to last Sunday..Ek se badkar ek! I will write on my catechism classes in future ha ha ha there goes altogether another dramas with all of them ! I Love them all!

So Jewel and Montrail were my first guests, now the problem is I haven’t visited my Terese since long and  when i went to Terese i saw! wow! It full of dust then started our cleaning work,when I started I was not thinking Jewel and Montrial can be so helping hand but finally realised they have true beautiful heart and cleaned my terese completely I can say they did sweeping work twice! All who have fun can work too! Yeah my Cutie kids!

Then all arrangements was done by they two,specially of music system to be brought from Linet’s  place and then later helping me bring food from outside in between!

I was really impressed by there help,ya only problem is they keep teasing me 24/7..!!!!

Then afternoon had meal together,Special was Udyios and Puris but yes JEWEL AND MONTRIAL LIKED ONLY UDYIOS BECAUSE PURIS I PREPARED SO NATURALLY THEY WILL DISLIKE!!!!!!  HA HA HA and then me and Jensy where is different team fighting each other,cutting each other kites ha ha ha That was total Fun….!

Well to my Surprise my mom was sleeping and resting peacefully down with no much interference and the day was full fun..DADU WAS HANDLING EVERYTHING PEACEFULLY.I ENJOYED THOROULY…MY GOD IS AN AWSOME GOD!!!

Here goes the photos…

                                                      Green Shirt JEWEL and White Shirt -MONTRIAL

                                      Me busy flying kite which must be given by somebody else as i Don't know flying kite!!!ha ha

                                                                             As usual Jewel Making Faces on me  ha ha ha

                                                                                          Give me some sunshine...

                                                                YEahhhhhhhhh  me and Jewel smiling together a rare picture!

                                                     HAPPY VALENTINE DAY IN ADVANCE...!!!

                                                           KEEP ROCKING WITH CHRIST...!!!!!

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