30 June, 2013

Kids knows i love them EEKS!!!

Last Sunday after the morning mass, one of my catechism kid came to me and said that i am going home,next Sunday make sure you come to teach!What a THREAT!!!HAHA

Yesterday after Saturday mass another one came and told get ready to get harassed tomorrow ha ha ha! my crazy kids.

Today i had  a wonderful time spending with  my cute kids, i got to learn so many things from them,how freely they live,without worrying much and there innocence wow! Being with them refresh my memories of  childhood.

Today was the first class after almost two months of catechism as my mom was not giving permission but today she allowed me so finally i was there.YAHOO! Few of old student were missing but got to see two three new face so started class with ice breaking and asking their hobbies and then  i got a shock of my life!

One of them said that one of his hobby was to harass me hahaha that was too funny! and during the class one said that you only come to teach us every time,we don't enjoy other's teachings !WOW i was blushing!!! hihihi I keep torturing them if they continue harnessing me then i will leave hihahahhahah

And then one of them said it is easy to convince you and you forgive us thinking we are kids and you love kids so we want you to teach us always!you are not strict! ha ha

Ohhh i see! i got to know that i love them through them,HIHAHAHAHA that was wonderful.

I said see kids how Jesus treats me and loves me back same way i try treating you,Jesus loves me so i love you,and same way how Jesus forgive me the say way i try forgiving,JESUS IS NOT STRICT TO ME SO I AM NOT STRICT TO YOU  inspite of you constant mischief!!!!HIHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHA

Well, when i jokingly tell then that i am gonna complain about them to father about their constant mischief,they say we will complain that i am more mischievous eeks!!!! MY Kids are super smart just like me hihahhahahahah

As i got camera i have pics too yahooooo!Here it goes...

Two cuties...

 With all beautiful smiles

Catching insects...

She is sooo cute....

Playtime after catechism class

No limit in there mischief  HUH! But i love it..yayaya


God is generous enough to surround me with his Love which i experience through this kids!!!

Thank you Father<3