05 June, 2013

LOVE & TRUST- Are they Same?

I had lot of confusions between these two Words,if we love a person, does that mean we trust that person?

Well, i realized that we can love people without trusting them,those people who have a heart of God actually can love people who are not trustworthy too,but someone trusting a person is a greatest compliment that person can get.

People who are trustworthy are faithful and good people who keep there promise and who does always good of others which allows others to trust upon them seeing their goodness.

As we all know that love of God is equal to all, but does that mean he trust all and give his work to all of saving the souls for his kingdom! I think he trust few so give task to few who are faithful to him but he loves all..WOW! I just cherish his love but then i greatly desire that he trust me equally too

My Prayer to God : Thank you Lord for loving me always and Loving Father also give me grace that i may be faithful to you and make me a person who may desire to wins your trust always.

Moral : If we love a person that doesn't mean that we trust them but yes, if we trust a person that definitely means we love that person!

Lets be trustworthy like our Father in Heaven! What Say???

Have fun all lovely people!

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