11 October, 2012

Which phone You carry…?

I carry the one that is seen in the above photo. So beautiful it looks right? All who already started giggling stop it right now, you have no idea how much its helps me during the time I get bored, there are cool games of snakes which I play to pass my time specially when I am waiting for someone and if I am not interested to listen or talk.

Well compared to other phones this has less facility like there is no net, no camera, can’t save songs but  phones are meant to talk and message, rest I can do in the computer with full big screen, why to take pain to do all work in mobile in the small screen, giving pain to eyes.

I don’t mind carry the one having full facility if someone buys for me ha ha ha…

And coolest part is this mobile has fallen numerous time but still in good condition.

Please note, it’s Nokia ,Model no is 1662-2.

If anyone interested please go ahead and buy one and feel cool hahaha.

I was just having fun.

Mobile anyway doesn’t change our lives, so whatever mobile you carry feel cool the way I feel with this one.

Keep Rocking….!

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