22 November, 2012

Chilly Cold Breeze!

Light Blue sky with chilly cold breeze,

I woke up today as usual other days,

But had a smile and a glow on my face,

A month's only left for the Arrival of Christmas !

Birthday of my Savior, Sweetheart Lord Jesus!

What would have happened if he was not born?

How would I managed to live my life free!!!

His coming has made my life so stress free,

Thank you Lord Jesus, for your coming down on earth!

There was no inn, for the coming of my King,

A Humble King was born! Wrapped in a manger,

Joy to this world! And A Hope for the Lost!

Light of this World! A Loving God!

Heaven and Angel singing loudly,

“Glory to the new born King” 

Air is filled with Love! Joy! and Peace! 

Time to celebrate the coming of our Savoir,

With Carols! Santa! Chocolates!

Cribs! and Tasty Cakes!

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