06 November, 2012

Year of Faith

Starting from 11th Oct-2012 to 24th Nov-2013,I was wondering why the date kept in between and I got the answer in one of the talk given by a priest in our Church during a youth session kept last month. He explained us that  it is the - the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council on 11th October 1962 and completion of 50 years successfully of the same and also the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and year of Faith ends on 24th Nov-2013 with the Feast of Christ the King.

Logo for year of faith has lot of things to say in itself, in which the image of a ship symbolizes the Church, the mast of the ship is a cross with full-blown sails which form the mark (IHS), and in the background is a sun representing the Eucharist and sun also giving message that Jesus is light of the World. And square represent the World in which our church is the ship sailing in this world.

I wasn’t knowing before that so many things there behind a logo,just by the explanation from that priest I realized the importance of that logo. Hope my faith increase with each new day and of all the people around me too.

To know more go through the website I came across,here is the link http://www.annusfidei.va/content/novaevangelizatio/en/news/21-06-2012.html


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