10 April, 2013


I got a good surprise when i got to know about the picnic organised for catechism students and teachers,well i was not that much exited though but with God all things which is not happening turns out to be one of the best experiences.I got to know we are going to Rajkot to see the Church there,i was thinking it would be so boring,traveling almost 4.30 hours just to visit a Church which i have already visited before,but still thought of going and finally whole trip went out interesting.

We left Gandhingar at 6.30am,as i was all planning to sleep in bus but then with kids it was all fun with no sleeping possible,then before reaching Rajkot we stopped in a place called Limdi where we had our breakfast and also visited a Church there where we witnessed how local kids so actively and beautifully participated in mass with there loud singing and innocence, as the church was filled with children because of hostel there,i truly enjoyed their singing and their participation with so much love for God.

After having breakfast we reached Rajkot nearly 12pm ,and then we went to Cathedral Church there and saw the beauty of Church,then we attended mass there,after having lunch we left for fun world and then started our extreme fun time,where every one enjoyed thoroughly!

Here is the glimpse of the our trip...


I haven't received all the pictures yet,will update it as soon as i get...

Lesson i learnt: Dadu can turn all boring things into happening yayaya....


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