17 April, 2013

Lent Experience

As I told in one of my previous post that I would be sharing my lent season and Easter experience. As the lent season started from 13thFeb,before lent we had a Jesus youth program held,which was supposed to be coordinated by me,so I was super exited as I love to take up thing but hardly get chance,so here I got a chance and could take up a program where I even shared my testimony of Jesus being my savior,it was easy for me to share in blog,but sharing it in front of all was a difficult thing,but as Spirit lead I could give my testimony and also gave talk on fruits and gifts of Holy Spirit which was my first talk in life! As in, I have shared my experiences few times before but giving talk was fun and interesting!

Well,talking about giving talks,I realised we just have to prepare ourselves with the content properly and rest should be left to be handled  by Holy Spirit and ya should come with lot of prayers  if we lack this then we are going to be in big trouble because instead of glorifying God,one will end up glorifying  oneself! As giving all to DADU is the only solution to have everything go perfectly.I did enjoyed the whole program thoroughly and I got feedback too which was good enough! DADU is always sweet,many times I think what if I wasn’t knowing him,where my life would have been!

Then during lent season we had adoration organized by Church youth especially for youths and there was also time given for confessions while adoration was going on and many did their confession,it was a very beautiful time and experienced the love of dadu!yeipee!HIS LOVE IS WHAT IS BEST WHICH ONE CAN HAVE AS TREASURE FOREVER!

One question I always had, does the lent season is the only season to live a good life? Suddenly the whole people in Church become holy and very nice and make long faces and look sad,I just feel like laughing at them many times! Isn’t lent time to remember the love and sacrifice of God,who gave his only Son? why be sad for a moment?, as our God has resurrected 2000 years back! HE IS A LIVING GOD! JUST REJOICE HIS LOVE FOREVER!

  • Here goes the picture of the program held in St.Xavier School..

  • And here goes adoration held in Church,with Candle light with DADU yayaya.....

                                       Don't they look extremely beautiful..well idea was of HELNA ( MY SMARTY MOM)

       People who dont work DADU Make sure they work somewhere hahahahahha

                                                                             Learning is always fun hahahaha

Had wonderful time during easter too! well there another story there! will post soon!


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