05 April, 2013

Love removes pain

Pain is caused when a needle pricks us or when we get physical hurt by some injury and how we get panicked with small pains too,sometimes we end up crying as we are not able to take much pain.

I have noticed one thing by the pain JESUS went through,it was not a simple death of a moment,his death was very painful,he was beaten,pierced with thorns,stripped,not given water when thirsty,tortured,kept away from loved ones, he was publicly insulted too BUT he went through all this pain without shouting,yelling crying and with no great reaction that we give even when a small needle pricks us!

That opened my eyes that how clearly its seen that Jesus has so much love towards all of us and for the world  that HIS LOVE made his Pain a lot less,even though he was in EXTREME PAIN he didn't shout or go crazy.

From this i learned one lesson when out of love for someone, when we do some difficult thing or a painful task which seems very difficult for us but bring good to the loved one,then the pain of the task is reduced by itself with the LOVE IN HEART.

So if we are facing difficulty in doing things,make sure we love others and do for the good of others,so all task will be easy.YIPEEEEEEE!

Hope all had a blessed lent and awesome Easter!My experience during those time will share in future post,till then have fun and keep rocking with CHRIST. 

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