09 July, 2012


What is addiction?

Something without which a person cannot live life happily or cannot move ahead…..or cannot imagine their life without it presence…they need that person or that specific thing every now and then...
You will find some addicted to cigarette, alcohols,drug…

Few I would like to list which I have observed in my 25 years life in this God created earth….
  • Money: Some are addicted in making money,everything they plan and  do is to make money money money.Money is definitely important in one's life to live,all have to work hard but going mad after it sound funny but I have seen some like these.
  • Fame: Now this is really interesting topic,some wants to be super famous,to be famous they will go round pleasing people and being nice to all,forget one own self and go to every extent that they finally stop living for themselves and all time plan and think of how to be famous.Well to be very frank Satan is also a famous guy…but for all the wrong reasons…ahahaahha
  • Attention: Some are addicted to seeking attention,so much so that they will do everything possible to get  attention from all….they want to be centre of attraction of that place..
  • Relationships: Some are so much addicted to a person that they can’t think their life beyond that, you can see the perfect examples of lovers,cant live their life without their love of life,some ready to die too...My God total madness..! some relationships I believe is gifted by God. no matter what it will be there like of parents and faithful friends..but still I believe one should not be 100% mad after anyone except God.
  • Music: Now this is something related to people who says they are mad after God,but as soon as music is taken away from their life they will go dry in life,in short addicted to music…
  •  Movements: Never thought I will be saying this, I am involved in an movement itself, and I love it too but forgetting one’s own life with God and family and dying for that movement,then is called addiction to that specific movement.
  • Power: Power in the sense that getting an authority in something and others follow that,some has a great craze of such power and position that they want to be supreme of all…with the help of power they use people for their own fame and own glory…..once the power or authority is gone..they will go mad and find ways to get back that Power…haahah…God save them….
  •  Social sites: Some are addicted to social sites too..like fb(well I will discuss on this too in some of my future post..its one of the interesting topic).tweet,many more are their like Google plus…well once upon a time I doubted myself too whether am addicted to it or not? I used to keep a check by deactivating it in between..but finally I realised I can live without it too…….hurrey…….
  • GOD: Well..well well……..i can say one thing..Saints were addicted to God…they were ready to die for him…cant live without him..and this is one addiction which will improve life…give love…joy and peace to live a perfect life…and addiction to God will..defiantly remove all the above addiction………toooo……

   May you be blessed with an addiction free life....

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