17 July, 2012

I want to report a complain..!

How many times we complain?

Is continuously complaining about life,about other,about society is Good?

I also used to complain a lot to God when I was small, complaining means numerous complain,why this happened,why that,why me,may be I didn’t complain to all,but I complained to few close ones.

One fine day I was complaining something to one of my elder and she told me,you know anu God doesn't like complaining people,I was shocked,i never knew that,I said to myself O NO that means God is unhappy with me, for i was complaining so much,from that day I thought I will try to improve myself from complaining and God did helped a lot.

And have you ever noticed that complaining people are unhappy people,because complaining comes when forgiveness don’t come, it is not easy to forgive but with God’s help,it's not impossible too.

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may be innocent and pure as God’s perfect children, who live in a world of corrupt and sinful people.You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky. Philippians 2: 14-15 

Have a complain free life...and keep rocking......! ! !

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