12 July, 2012


Ha ha ha ha ha....

Hu hu hu hu hu....

Hi hi hi hi hi hi....

Ho ho ho ho ho...

He he he he he.....

Which one you like ………….

My favorite one is hahaha..

Whatever the way you laugh, laughing is always good.

One of my ex colleague, whenever he calls me…..he ask me anu y do you laugh so much?

really don’t know  exactly why do I laugh so much……..but most of the time I laugh because something is going back of my mind and thinking that I laugh...and sometimes when someone crack some real good jokes that time too.

One day I got a surprise from that same colleague of mine, he did conference calling and I was not aware that somebody else was also there on call,I started laughing thinking something and the next line he said was Dekha bola tha na tujhe ye pagal  abhi hasegi…..it was his G.F..!

Can u imagine? I was shocked and felt my God laughing now a days is becoming tougher for me….

My mom too says don’t laugh so much at home ..she feels I have grown up and should behave like mature…but making serious face makes us mature..come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Its break timeeeeeeee

Lets laughhhhhhhhhh louder

Ahahahahaha hohohohho huhuhuhuhu

Keep smiling

oh noo

i meant LAUGHING


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