25 July, 2012


Everyone labour for food, money and comfort but I was wondering how this poor people who was not fortune enough to have a rich parents managed their daily livelihood. While I went for my morning walk I saw them all ready and leaving for work ,some smiling, some giggling and small children too accompanied their parents at their work site most of them are I think were going for construction work like, building houses,offices,bridge or roads.
They get up early get ready by 8 a.m. and most of them ready and are on their way for work, parent carrying their small child, may be some are few months old only, that time I wonder didn’t these few young moms need rest..! they just delivered a baby and are back to work and a special thing I noticed was all were ready with their whole day meal with one special tiffin they carry, the steel one, that’s the family tiffin's i feel when we see the whole family walking together it look like they going for their daily picnic.

While I was returning home taking my mom from office I saw a baby, very small may be few months old,looking at him felt he has just learnt sitting, and just learning new things was sitting under a tree without any of his parents attention, parents were busy a bit far in some work,i felt how nicely God takes care of these babies,the baby is siting there without any problem, busy with his wonders around and not crying too. As it's Monsoon season I was wondering if I am scared of thunders, how these people spend their whole night under tree or a small house and some with no house too without the fear of thunder, it’s not a matter of day or two,the whole rainy season..!

I saw in vegetable market, how a very cute child is sleeping in vegetable cart, and her mom busy selling vegetable,but I can see a special peace on their face, they are happy people with less worries in life,nothing to fight for, as they own nothing much, so they live in harmony with their family and we will find hardly any broken families.As whole day they work very hard they get good sleep at nights and ready for another days work.Tada..!

Many time looking at these poor kids I wonder if they own a good fortune to have rich parents they would have become something really big and great in life.

Bible Quotes related to poor

  • If someone is honoured while he is poor, think how much he will be honoured if he becomes rich! If someone is despised while he is rich, think how much more he will be despised if he becomes poor!  Sirach 10:31

  • Did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him? James 2:5.  ( The best one…!) 

  • Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all. Proverbs 22:2

  • Jesus looked at his disciples and said,Happy are you poor; the Kingdom of God is yours!    Luke 6: 20 (How lucky…!)(And if we notice most of his disciple were poor too,he chose poor)

  • It is better to be poor but honest than to be a lying fool.Proverb 19:1( Poverty is valued more than liars)

  • It is a disgrace to be greedy, poor people are better off than liars. Proverb 19:22

  • Giving to the poor can make up for sin, just as water can put out a blazing fire. Sirach 3:30 (SEE God given graces to poor)

  • If you want to be happy, be kind to the poor; it is a sin to despise anyone. Proverbs 14:21

  • Don't refuse to help a beggar who is in distress. Don't turn your back on a poor person or give him any reason to curse you Sirach 4:4-5

  • Better to be poor and fear the Lord than to be rich and in trouble. Proverbs 15:16

  • If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered. Proverbs 21:13

  • The rich have to use their money to save their lives, but no one threatens the poor. Proverbs 13:8 (WOW)

  • If you oppress poor people, you insult the God who made them; but kindness shown to the poor is an act of worship. Proverbs 14:31 (Who all love to worship God can follow this,Right?)

        May you be blessed and have lot of love for poor....HAPPY AFTERNOONS...!!!! 

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