14 July, 2012

Cockroach Connection

Sorry to break your heart my dear cockroach,you are not the cutest,now accept it,ahahahaha.

It's been long time i have this secret connection with this Cockroaches,i used hate them a lot,when i see one i used to get irritated,till  this date some time when i see them roaming freely anywhere,my heart says,i will teach you lesson,you wait there itself, let me bring the broom..!

Tada...! now what's that special connection i have with those creature.Want to know? When i was small and whenever i did something wrong and whenever i turned away from God and said God everything is over that day i see one cockroaches round me and i need help so much that i get back to God for help saying,i am sorry God,please save me from this cheater fox,i am scared of it,and you know what happens,SURPRISE it used to go away without coming closer to me,this was one way of turning back to God,sounds Funny right?

God used to correct me by using this cockroaches too,then i realised God has many ways to correct us,he can use,sorry use is a wrong word to say,he can make anyone the instrument and part of his plan,it can be humans and animals too..!

Now why i was so allergic to Cockroaches,it was in my childhood days when i was staying in sector 8,its was a government house and their in one room because of wet wall lot of cockroaches were their inside that one whole shelf and one night when i was sleeping and when my mom went to washroom,i suddenly woke up from my sleep,i dint find my mom besides me and many Cockroaches were flying around me and  i shouted so loud that my mom came out thinking that a thief came..!

From that day i have these extra allergy to cockroaches,now things has changed,i don't like them much still,but slowly and gradually i realised that they are also the creation of God,so finally i forgiven it hahahahaha..i don't panic like before,but i am also not in love with it OK,i saw one of them two days back and i remembered how this special connection was there and how i used to run to God seeing a cockroach...!

God bless cockroaches..!!!!!


  1. Haa haa! Cockroaches... even I hate them... they are irritating... have ever noticed that they look a bit like pastas, I mean their bellies are like pastas!!!

  2. hahahaha o my GOd...pasta tasty tasty...hahahah

  3. After this you will never feel like tasting pastas!!!

  4. hahahah......Jovi baby will not eat,i will tho yuyu....i dnt hate cockroaches na now..hahahahah....