21 July, 2012

Today is the day..!

I am sorry to tell everyone i got a new craze now,its all that persons fault who asked  me by mistake that will i write poems??? i never planned it before,never never trust me plz hahahahah..NOW BEAR IT

Here it comes again,
  Smile on my face again,
What's so special?
What’s so unique?
 Say Hurry Loudly..!
  Because Its Saturday..!
It's Saturday..!
 It's Saturday..!!

Some have holiday,
But I have half day,
Feels like a holiday,
For me it’s Maggi day..!

Call it a Fun day,
Or a  Friend’s day..!
Lets all celebrate,
Because Its Saturday..!

Lets move together,
Move to the right with a smile,
Then to the left  and shake your head..!
Just follow with ease and feel its bliss..!
Because today is Saturday..!

HAPPY SATURDAYSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!! ENJOY.............!


  1. Hey there's one song by Boney M which says "I remember one Saturday night, we had fried fish and jolly cakes!"
    Ya Saturdays are always fun!!

  2. hahaha fish and Cakes cool combination.....ya it is fun...yuyu.......