20 July, 2012

Facebook OR Fakebook

Joining Date :30/6/2010 (it was saved in my gmail haha)

Expiry date:2/6/2012 

Experience-Almost 2 years

Reason of leaving: Lost interest,started realising it’s almost fake, and best part is I don’t miss it too.

Few of the preachings I have heard before related to fb and that its an addiction and most of them are there for searching a boy or girl, but i always felt it's not true and we can find few like that but all are doing same work, we can’t blame that..! Whenever something like this preaching I heard I always in my mind said O come on I am there for fun, I love jokes I get so many jokes from fb and laugh the whole day,I used to enjoy jokes a lot, most of the time I spend in reading jokes.But later i felt no if these preacher saying then it is something to ponder upon.Is this really true?

As soon as I used to entered Fb,I went to a specific friends id in search of jokes haha,I knew that person keeps good jokes all time so daily my first work entering fb is to see what jokes that person has kept.
Now I was quite clear with fb,If I am using fb it should glorify God, nothing useless I should be doing there,mostly I shared word of God or photos related to word of God or something inspiring which will help others.But I felt all were not happy with that.But i am not there to please any so continued it.

As my nature is all time fun I ended up making fun of few with love but felt that others take it too seriously and might end up hurting.

Somehow I never felt like praying in fb,hahaha some keep on praying I hope they do at home too.

When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites! They love to stand up and pray in the houses of worship and on the street corners, so that everyone will see them. I assure you, they have already been paid in full.But when you pray, go to your room, close the door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.Matthew6:5-6( Was Jesus joking in this or he literally meant it ! )

Some i felt got hurt in fb which I never wanted to hurt.

Some times useless things appear in home page too the things we never wanted to know,we end up knowing, things in which we are least interested in and sometime it happens that we are not interested in other people life too but it simply will appear in home page so no way to keep distance too..!
Few things got revealed too I saw few people having bf and gf and they were caught badly too hahaah

Some kept on modelling they felt good in that always I think so,one side they take God’s name other side they kept on modelling and keeping beauty first and gave a lot importance,i was thinking are these people fake? And surprisingly people supporting was the ones I always felt are people who have wisdom but slowly started realising no its not like that too.

Nothing affected me but show how deep down I started judging people, a sin I never wanted to do I did daily seeing some people photos or status I said God save them,they really don't know what foolishness they are doing and laughed too,but I felt why am I judging I am going wrong somewhere then I started praying for my this nature and as Always God helped in this too.

And few interesting things I saw was some were influenced by others and they started following it too. Now what few elders did was being flowed by small teenage kids too means setting sometimes wrong examples too.

I have heard  in t.v somewhere that Facebook is creating troubles in real life too,people killing each other too that was shocking news.I heard once a boy got seriously in love through fb  and then some of his friend made fun of his love and ended up killing.isn't that real Madness..! 

Some going to depression too,seeing other happy they feel their life not that happening I have heard this too.

I have deactivated it few times before for a check whether I am addicted to it or not but one day one of my friend told me that anu even if your account is deactivated you have another person's id and if you come on regular basis then whats the use,and there I felt that she is saying absolutely true,its better to have your own id,as I already had two peoples id and password I stopped going to fb completely from there id too.And I asked my friend to change her password too.

Few funny things I found in fb was people who are saddest of all kept on showing that they are very much happy and  having fun.Few really funny things i would like to list down.

  • Photos put showing of smile may be that whole week they might have smiled for that photo only,in real nothing is happening. So people who are not faking around should not get depressed too.Please take care.
  • Some people are biggest enemies of each other but in fb they keep liking each other photos seeing this I used to get shocked and laughed too.WOW what a fakeness.
  • Some people go on pleasing each and everyone not with true love but for all attention.God really save them.
  • And people who kept on liking each other photos or other status, when they truly meet in real they will not even smile at each other i have seen this too.
  • People taking of God all time hardly seen in church. Shocking.. Shocking ..Shocking…..


And am more happy and it is always good not to know others life,its always good to knows one's own life and not to interfere in other life by mistake also.Blogging I found more safe people who wants to know can visit my blog,nobody is forced here at least.Lets see whats kept here too,till now i felt safe.So happy Blogging.

MAKE IT YOU AIM to live a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to earn your own living, just as we told you before. 1 Thessalonians 4:11(Is this teaching  Wrong?) 



  1. Good post... It's a fake virtual world!
    I liked 1Thessalonians 4:11

  2. thank you sweety,me too liked that verse and do read the whole passage it's of life that pleases God,Lot to learn from that..